Kid’s Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent

What little boy doesn’t like playing with soldiers and demanding military action heroes for Christmas? Well, you can take his passion a step further with this kid’s G.I. bunk bed with slide and tent. I know that if I had seen this as a child I would have been climbing up my father’s back begging him to buy one for my bedroom. This army themed bunk bed with slide is perfect for a boy who has an assortment of action figures, toy soldiers and a general interest in the armed forces, especially if from a military family.2a39372b6d685074520dc8bdca39b605

It can be notoriously difficult to get a little boy to go to bed. However, with this kid’s G.I. bunk bed with slide, the arena of play merges with that of sleep. When there is a ladder to climb and a slide to slide down, then every brave and tired little warrior is going to want to bed down for the night on the top bunk of his very own army base. Secure safety barriers prevent the mattress and child from falling our during the night.

What really makes this military themed bunk bed with slide different from the rest is the tent area below with army camouflage markings. The tent curves outwards thereby providing a large and secret play space where your son and his siblings/friends can pretend to be soldiers. Kid’s love camping and everything to do with tents. This G.I. bunk bed with slide and tent provides the magic of camping but in an indoor environment. There’s also space enough to put a spare mattress or a couple of sleeping bags in the tent area for visiting friends.

An optional extra that comes along with this kid’s bunk bed is a toy chest in matching camouflage markings. This can be placed either within the tent area or to the side of the structure where it will provide an excellent themed storage space for toys and games.